Privacy and Shipping Policies

This is the privacy and shipping policy we instill and apply to any information handled and product transported across Australia. We respect our customer's privacy and guarantee confidential security in using personal information purely for business.

Shipping Policies:

  • We provide two delivery periods for the My School Diary series every year that guarantee FREE SHIPPING; December Delivery Arrival and January Delivery Arrival
  • December Delivery Arrival - To receive products within the current year at the end of Term 4
  • January Delivery Arrival - To receive products next year during the first week of Term 1.
  • Orders MUST be placed before the given deadline dates (subject to change every year) which are outlined at the back of our yearly brochures and throughout the website. Otherwise, freight charges will apply.
  • ASAP deliveries will incur shipping costs.
  • Deadlines are strictly adhered and final in our ability to place orders unless personal correspondence details otherwise.
  • After your product has been dispatched from us, we cannot guarantee specifically when in which you will receive your delivery. We can only guarantee the week of delivery.
  • Upon receiving any damaged products, you must notify us immediately in order for replacement actions to take place. Damage situations will be considered in a case by case basis.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to check quality of products immediately upon arrival.