Vox Dei – A Prayer Journal

Vox Dei – A Prayer Journal

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  • 192 pages illustrated with original watercolours in full colour
  • 20 preformated pages to guide you while you learn how to use journalling in your prayer life
  • + 100 pages for freeform journalling
  • Inspiration prayers inserted throughout the journal, written before the Blessed Sacrament
  • Durable hardcover with elastic close and satin ribbon page marker

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Welcome to Vox Dei.
A lot of people wonder why God was so vocal in biblical times but now seems so silent.
God is not silent.
God’s voice is just as chatty today as it was in biblical times and many modern-day Christians can attest to the voice of God in their lives.
God speaks to us.
God speaks to us every day, every hour.
The question is not whether God speaks … it’s whether we are listening. It really comes down to whether we can find the ‘pause’ in our busy schedules to wait in stillness for God’s voice to manifest in our awareness.
This journal is designed to make growing in your relationship with God more productive and enjoyable. It aims to help you create the conditions where God’s voice in your life is more evident to you.
I pray this journal will be a fruitful tool for you to discover the voice of God in your life – may it capture your attention and lead you deeper into the divine mystery.

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