LivingWell Media is now part of the Createl Publishing brand. We are delighted to be partnering with LivingWell, and are excited to provide your school with the My Faith Diary, My Reading Record, My Faith Teacher Diary and other LivingWell products from 2020 onwards.

A little bit about ourselves: Createl Publishing was founded by Catholic teachers and has 24 years’ experience as a dedicated publisher/distributor of student and teacher diaries to over 6000 Australian schools. At Createl, we bring a deep commitment to the mission of the My Faith Diary Series, as well as creative design, exemplary customer service, low pricing and fast delivery anywhere in Australia.

Createl is also the new supplier of other LivingWell school and parish resources like the Rosary Key Chain, My Faith Sticks, Mercy booklet and Vox Dei. These will be distributed by Createl and our new online Catholic publishing arm, Veritatis Publishing, providing you with great Catholic books and resources.

As a loyal LivingWell customer, we’ll be ready to provide you with your 2021 My Faith Diary Series. Our Createl team will be ready to personally work with you to prepare your order, artwork and make any changes you require. The LivingWell website, emails and phone number will remain active and can still be used to contact us.

At Createl, we can’t wait to work with you and serve you faithfully to produce the diaries you love, as well as build on the LivingWell legacy by providing you with some Createl extras like:

  • More customisation options for your My Faith Diary Series
  • No charge for cover artwork updates
  • Early delivery of your My Faith Diary Series from August onwards
  • Personalised customer support with one of our team
  • Low subsidised shipping costs
  • Catholic Faith resources for your school/catechist programs via

We’re looking forward to working with you and meeting you soon!

Kind regards on behalf of The Createl Team.